A gorgeous debut from London-based directing duo Ralph Briscoe and Jay Stephen. “My Turtle Dove” celebrates diversity and tolerance through a patriotic love letter to life in modern day Britain.


Directors: Ralph Briscoe & Jay Stephen
Director of Photography: Francis Lane
Music: TCTS
Words: Ashica Stephen
Narrator: Kyle Rowe
Starring: Eleanor Mukabi, Deepica Stephen,
Christian Gordine, Frank Kennington
Producers: Ralph Briscoe & Jay Stephen
Editors: Ralph Briscoe & Jay Stephen
Production Assistant: Tara Cantley
Sound Engineer: Adam Kaye
Post Production: Time Based Arts
Colourist: Myles Bevan
VFX supervisor: Mike Aveling
VFX Artists: Ralph Briscoe, Linda Cieniawska
Post Producer: Jo Gutteridge
Sponsors: 20.20, Time Based Arts


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