A powerful portrait of personal reinvention by Rio de Janeiro-born, New Jersey-raised filmmaker Yuri Alves. “Grind” follows Robert Wilmote, a Liberian refugee and former gangster, who transformed his life following his release from prison and now challenges other to do the same. Wanting to do justice to Robert’s story, Alves created a very specific cinematic aesthetic — a fusion of documentary and narrative reenactments. The latter involved bringing Robert back to places from his past (including his old jail cell), a dynamic which added not only an emotional weight to the scenes but a cathartic element to the filmmaking process. As Alves shared with us:

“It was an intense and intimate shoot that required an immense amount of trust on both sides of the camera.”

Check out “Grind” above. Behind-the-Scenes photos and full credits below!


Directed by Yuri Alves
Introducing: Robert Wilmote
Producers: Yuri Alves and Igor Alves
Executive Producers: Yuri Alves, Igor Alves
Associate Producers: Dan Dowding and Paul Burger
Cinematographer: Michael Gomes
Editor: Yuri Alves
Sound Editing and Mix: Mert Ozcan
Composer: Benjamin Zecker
Assistant Camera: Caroline Sincaruk and Marco Penajoia
Gaffer: Gabriel Kurzlop
Sound: Victor Buitrago
Colorist: Alex Maclean
Production Coordinator: Li Kurzlop
Production Assistants: Erick Arce, Corey Brumfield,
Steven Goncalves, Khadijah Thomas, Sharon Wu
Post Production Sound Services: The Record House
Post Production Color Services: Rogue
In Association with: The Hidden Fortress
Production Company: DreamPlay Media
Made with support from:
Newark Office of Film and Television
City of Newark
Hell’z Kitchen Lounge








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