A mysterious short by Croatian director Mario Mlakar for Papaya Films Original Series of shorts based on the one-word brief: Curiosity. “The Call From Tomorrow” tells the story of a man who is given the chance to talk to his future self. Great concept and exceptional sound work!

Written and Directed by Mario Mlakar
Cast: Domagoj Janković
Director of Photography: Dragan Šiša
Executive producers:
Kacper Sawicki
Paweł Bondarowicz
Creative Producers:
Karola Kowalczyk
Maruška Đukić
Producer: Mario Mlakar
Associate producer: Vanja Nikolić

Music by: Mark Mrakovčić
Editor: Marko Ferković
Sound Designer: Tihomir Vrbanec
Storyboard Artist: Rembert Montald
Production Designer: Petra Poslek
Costume Designer: Dominika Mandić
Script Consultant: Davor Halambek
Script Co-editor: Domagoj Janković
1st Assistant Director: David Šlaj
Make-up Artist/Costume Assist: Andrea Šundov
Colorist: Dragan Šiša
VFX: Dražen Zeljković
Key Grip: Matej Jelšovec
Gaffer: Slaven Spinčić
Grip by MB Grip
Arri Alexa Mini camera by CineCro / Antitalent

This video was submitted by Papaya Films and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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