An animated ode to classic video games by Holland-born, Germany-based artist Robin Stam aka The Mad Bitter. Including 48 different titles, all drawn entirely by hand on a Wacom tablet, Stam also created the music (made with a Nintendo Gameboy)! As he describes the year-long passion project:

“In an age where there are 3D games, smartphones and virtual reality, classic games are more authentic even though in the past they stood for new technology. By drawing the games by hand, the games are disconnected from their digital environment and the viewer sees them in their most authentic and purest form.”

Check out “From Pong Till Doom” above as well as some of Stam’s animated gifs below!

Concept: Robin Stam
Animation: MonstaH
Music: The Mad Bitter
Special Thanks: Lars Brückmann, Kera Nagel






Robin Stam’s Website

Robin Stam on Vimeo

Robin Stam on Facebook


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