A fun short by director and animator Martinus Klemet from Tallinn, Estonia. “Fatcula” follows the turf war between a mysterious new plastic surgeon and the owner of the town’s fitness centre.

Written, Directed & Animated by Martinus Daane Klemet
Art director & Compositor: Martinus Daane Klemet, Mattias Mälk
Music & Sound Design: Horret Kuus
Actors: Juuli Lill, Mait Malmsten, Raivo E. Tamm
3D modellers: Kristjan Bobkov, Ashleigh Cote,
Martinus Daane Klemet, Mattias Mälk,
Francesco Rosso, Anu Unnuk
Rotoscopers: Sirje Aasrand, Sigrun Alaots,
Mariann Joa, Laura Linna,
Eve Luup, Kristiina Martinson,
Ülle Metsur, Ell Mikk, Maiken Silla,
Tarmo Vaarmets, Katrin Vaher
Producer: Kalev Tamm
Studio: Eesti Joonisfilm

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