More stunning visuals from Paris-based filmmaker Thomas Vanz. In “Intra,” Vanz explores The White Hole Theory — the point at which time and space are born — through a series of chemical reactions captured with a macroscopic lens. Working in collaboration with French workshop, Nano Lab, Dutch developer Pim Schreurs, as well as French pianist Julien Marchal for the music, the result is a gorgeous intersection of picture and sound.

Watch above and check out the Making-Of below! You can also click here to see his first cosmic short, “Novae,” if you haven’t already.


Directed by Thomas Vanz
Co-director: Nano Lab
Music: Julien Marchal
Violon/Mix: Jonathan Fitas
Programmer: Pim Schreurs
Additional Music/ Sound Design: Thomas Vanz



Thomas Vanz’s Website

Thomas Vanz on Vimeo

Thomas Vanz on Instagram


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