A delightful documentary short by UK-based photo collective Tripod City — aka Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee and Paul Storrie — whose work involves presenting multiple perspectives of different countries and cultures as a way of challenging stereotypes and preconceived notions. It was during their travels through Mexico City that the collaborative trio learned of Francisco and his “village of piñatas.” As Chris Lee explains, the story both encapsulated their experience and helped add a voice to the images they were capturing:

“For us it was a heartwarming insight into Mexican culture as the labour and teamwork that goes into each and every piñata is amazing. We were most overwhelmed by Francisco’s hospitality whilst we were there and his dedication to do what he loves and bring joy to so many children.”

Check out “The Piñata King” above as well as some additional photos below. You can also click here to learn more about Tripod’s Kickstarter for Sweet Dreams, the larger photography project from which this documentary emerged!









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