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A wonderful animated introduction to a new webseries by filmmaker and advertiser Macaela VanderMost of Boston-based Newfangled Studios. In addition to sharing her own struggle for inclusion in the ad world, VanderMost makes a convincing argument for the importance of diversity in the industry. Given the fact that audiences of today are the most diverse in history, it doesn’t make sense for content to rest largely in the hands of a single (white/male) demographic — especially if the bottom line is profitability.

Untapped will feature interviews with some of the most influential people in the design and advertising to discuss the change that needs to happen! Watch their short welcome video above and click here to check out the series.

Creative Director/Writer/VO – Macaela VanderMost
Art Director – Cory Fanjoy
Animator/Sound Designer- Fred Kennedy
Animator – Michael Bernard
Original score & Mix: Raul Rosa
Production – Jeb Fisher, Alison Antonowicz and Scott Masterson

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