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Photographer ​Jonathan​ ​Mehring shares his thoughts on two things that take you to places you wouldn’t go otherwise: skateboarding and photography. Embarking on a trip that provides a beautiful mix of both, #TheCreatorClass’s “Somewheres East” sees ​Mehring hunting for hidden skate spots in Nova Scotia, Canada with ​pro​ ​skaters​ ​Zered​ ​Bassett,​ ​Jake​ ​Johnson,​ ​Brian Delatorre and Eli Reed.

#TheCreatorClass is a​ multi-platform channel, powered by #canoncreatorlab, and dedicated to bringing together stories, projects and insights from a global community of creatives through YouTube​, ​Instagram​​Facebook,​ ​Twitter, and on their website. Watch “Somewheres East” above and check out some additional shots from the project below!




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