Los Angeles-based director Jonny Look and Ought’s Scottie Cameron challenged themselves to create devices of great convenience using only three items for the band’s track “These 3 Things.” The result is a weird and wonderful critique of what we lose when trying to save ourselves time and energy. As Jonny shared his insights with us:

“When initially testing the convenance machines without the human variable we discovered luxury and success. However it was sterile. The beauty only came with the unpredictable moments brought by the human element. Being human is better then looking for an easy way out.”


Man: Michael Gitomer
Director: Jonny Look and Scottie Cameron
Production: Special Projects
Production Design: Philip Salick
Key Grip: Max Joslyn
Gaffer: Levi Kaminkowitz
Production Assistant: Denver Stoddard
FX and Conform: Josh Cole
Color: Daniel Stonehouse at Crayon
Edit: Jonny Look and Aaron Beckum
Special thanks: Lauren Malizia, Ben Winter, Mandy Cheng, XIX Studio, Chris Boadle


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