A young man finds himself relentlessly pursued by mysterious forces in this video for Isador’s track “Falling.” Co-directed by New York-based artist Warren Heller (aka Isador) and his brother Charlie Heller, the project is a deeply personal one for Isador, who also stars as the hapless figure. The song explores feelings of powerlessness and fear of the future, and was written after Isador dropped out of college. As he shared with us:

“The concept comes out of my upbringing, where I felt immense pressure to follow a path already set for myself and my life. In the video, any attempt to escape is met with the world fracturing to catch me again, and when I do break free, I don’t know where to go.”

Directed by Isador and Charlie Heller
Director of Photography: Sam Cutler-Kreutz
AD: Kobe Lewin
Sam Hersey
Sofie Hiltner
Dillon Cummings
Greg Finch
Michael Simon
Miranda Alperstein
Carey Camel
Ashwin Prasanna
Nick Steidel
Elliot Golden
Tom Cacciola
Kyle Berlin
Billy Heller

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