Gorgeous cinematography in the video for MAREY’s track “The Story of the Broken Cake” about a silver medallist, tortured by thoughts of what could have been. Having lost sleep over wasted opportunities himself, London-based director Tim Keeling wanted to explore the masochistic nature of this behaviour and question why we do this to ourselves — “What is it all for?” There were no doubt times when the small cast and crew found themselves wondering the same thing. As Keeling shared with us about the labour-intensive shoot (which involved multiple locations in South-East England):

“The effects and stunts were achieved in-camera, with the exception of the firey abyss shot, which builds on a plate we filmed at a popular climber’s crag called Bull’s Hollow. The dragging shots were achieved by wrapping actor Luke McGibney’s legs in tarpaulin and crew members took it in turns to drag him across different terrain for 1½ hours. He rang me the next morning, ‘Tim, you’ve broken me.'”

At least, in this case, their torture was well worth it! Check out “The Story of the Broken Cake” above and full credits below.


Director: Tim Keeling
DP: Chris Lee
Production: One Films
Stunt team: Paul Storrie, Tom Baxter, William Baxter
Focus Puller: Tom McMahon
Camera Assistant: Matt Clegg
Production Assistant: Mia Gregory
Record Label: Deep Dive

Starring: Luke McGibney

Thanks to:
Cal Gordon
Paul Talling
Ken Daniel
Gerry Cryer

Filmed on location at Bull’s Hollow, Groomgridge Place, Normal Park, Leyton Stadium, and Feltham Arena in South England.


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