A stunning short by Ireland-born, Vancouver-based animator Eoin Duffy. Well known for blending clean and colourful graphics with dark and complex themes, Duffy’s latest features a mystical traveller in search of the answers to life’s biggest questions, who finds himself in the most unlikely place. If that sounds a bit vague, that’s probably for the best! As Duffy shared with us, it’s “Better to go in blind”:

“Weirdly I struggle to talk about the film out of fear of guiding the viewer’s interpretation. The film has a very specific meaning to me, but I delight in hearing other people’s take away. At each screening I was in awe at the sheer array of break downs, most vastly different from my original intention. So I simply stopped talking about the film, and let others make of it what they will.”

Check out “I Am Here” for yourself above as well as some lovely character explorations below. You should also click here to give Toronto-based composer duo Menalon’s score another listen — it really is beautiful!













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