A beautiful short about a girl and a dog by New York-based filmmaker Nick Singer (of Geryon films). While originally conceived as a gory revenge tale involving a father brutally killing a neighbour’s dog after it attacks his daughter, this final version is filled with a series of quiet moments as Singer focuses less on the explicit acts of violence and more on the subtleties of the girl’s relationship with her dog, and her father.

The film itself is also deeply personal. Singer was bitten by a dog when he was 3, leaving him with a scar and both a fear and fascination with dogs. As he described the project to us, it was always his intention to create something “that felt like a memory… a tiny, polished whisper.” Check out “Bite” above as well as some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Written and Directed by Nick Singer
Produced by Fernanda Frotté
Co-Producers: Emily Pontecorvo and Eric Salmon
Cinematographer: Justin Zweifach
Editor: Ned Myerberg
Sound Designer: Will Patterson
Colorist: Marcy Robinson
Production Designer: Ilana Breitman
Animal Handler: Melquan King
Gaffer, AC, and DIT: Alex Payne
Sound Recordist: Aaron Marcus
Catering: Monica Albu

Phoebe Young
Peter Jensen










Nick Singer on Vimeo

Geryon’s Website


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