Gorgeous cinematography by our friend Ben Loeb (previously featured here). Teaming up with director Erika Calmeyer, the video for The White Birch captures a series of candid moments between lovers, friends and strangers. In order to capture a realistic tone they operated with a crew of 4-7 people, directing the actors very minimally through conversation. While the project could be described as being about love or the struggle for human connection, as Loeb further shared with us, much of the meaning is intentionally ambiguous:

“We wanted the film to be something that could play just as well in a gallery as it could to a viewer online. We shot it as a short film that could screen in any physical space where the audience would sit through longer scenes that fairly objectively observed people together in intimate settings… The beauty of this format is that whoever is watching the piece will interpret the frame, the people and the setting differently.”


Director/Editor: Erika Calmeyer
Writer: Erika Calmeyer and Benjamin Loeb
Cinematographer: Benjamin Loeb FNF
Producer: Nina Maria Barbosa Blad, Barbosa Film AS
Production Designer: Hedda Virik
Costume: Hedda Virik
Gaffer: Henning Høifødt
1st AC: Oskar Dahlsbakken and Thomas Almenning
Color grade: Julian Alary


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