A graphic reminder of the brutal days before the invention of the Selfie Stick by Los Angeles-based director Evan Silver.

Sr. Executive: Charley Rossman
Jr. Executive: Tian Wang

Written & Directed by Evan Silver
Producer: Ryan Ennis
Cinematographer: Julian Whatley
Editor: Plew
Original Score by Greg Kuehn (Peligro Music)

Key Makeup & Effects: Traci Barrett
Assistant Makeup & Effects: Toryn Reed
Production Angel: T.J. Freeman
Visual Effects: Chad Reddell (Sprout)
Sound Designer / Mixer: Ian Stynes (Great City)
Post House Edit: Union Editorial
Color: Julian Whatley

Thanks to:
Union Editorial
Great City Productions
Sheree Shu
Michael Raimondi
Houston Snyder
Liz Silver and the Plew
Ennis & Silver families

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