Alex Takacs (aka Young Replicant) captures a series of lovely, contemplative moments for Inc. No World’s track “Living.” Click here to check out some of Takacs’ previous work, if you haven’t already!

Director & Producer: Alex Takacs
DP: Dustin Lane
1st AC: James Teninty
Production Designer: Gabbie Bautista
Production Coordinator: Benjamin Janicki
Camera Assistant: Jarg
Styling: Keyla Marquez
Styling Asst: Symrin Chawla
PA: Kelsey Milano
Colorist: David Torcivia
Casting: Samantha Goodman

Alexsa Durrans
Sterling Hedges
Raquel Rivera
Ivan & Martel Chavez

Thanks to:
Eva Sealove
Joe Nankin
Drew Binneman
Gustavo Cordova
Perry Suppa
Todd Gilbert


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