Nice video for Rin by filmmaker and photographer Simon Reichel. Shot on Kodak Super 16, “Ich will dass du mich brauchst” (“I want you to need me”) offers a stripped down version of young love. As Reichel shared with us:

“I wanted to use the opportunity to reach a young street culture audience and show them how love and sex can look different from the stereotype of women as pornografied objects, men as heartless thugs and generally everybody acting like over-the-top fashion models with empty stares and fake gestures.”

This video has a mature rating by Vimeo for nudity/sexual content.


Production Company: BWGTBLD
Producer: Anna Bauer
Director of Photography: Rina Yang
Hair & Make Up: Susanna Jonas
Styling: Lorena Maza

Starring Nela Mie Cara & Malik Adan


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