A trippy video for CFCF by Stockholm-based director Fredrik Lund-Hansen (of studio Swim Club). “Time Flies” explores the the fluidity of gender roles and the vibrancy of nonconformity while celebrating both our differences and the inherent oneness of humanity.

Director: Fredrik Lund-Hansen
DOP: Fredrik Hvass
Line Producer: Sebastian Kriz
Color: Joel Thorstensson
Edit: Oscar Lund-Hansen
Art Director: Filip Kleremark
Choreography: Jasmine Albuquerque
Dancer: Danny Axley
Dancer: Raymond Ejiofor
Dancer: Kenzie McClure
Dancer: Jasmine Albuquerque
Stylist: Zoë Hennessey
PA: Daniel Lindqvist
PA: Cristoffer Jonsson
Makeup: Lena Östholm
Music: CFCF
Produced by Swim Club

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