Gorgeous shots in this short film by Australian director Riley Blakeway. Inspired by the music of Froth, “Shoulder” explores first love in the face of mental instability.


Writer/Director/Editor: Riley Blakeway
DOP: Jake Hunter
Starring: Jae Overton & Teresa Oman

Production Company: Robber’s Dog
Executive Producer: Mark Foster
Managing Director: George Mackenzie
Director’s Assistant: Alex Kent, Jacky Su
Production Assistant: Mars Abangan

Colour: BE Colour Sydney
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Sound: Rumble Studios Sydney
Sound Design & Mix: Tone Aston
Audio Post Producer: Sharika Toth

Film: Kodak
Camera: Panavision Sydney
Film Processing: Neglab
Telecine: FATS Digital
Music: Froth ‘Briefly’
Original Score: Sasami Ashworth
Archival Footage: William Allen ‘Holly Hell’

Jae’s Mother: Lindie Baker
Male Interest: Elliot Jones
Teresa’s Friend: Tessa de Josselin
Skateboarder: Mike Mierusynski,
Skateboarder: Corey Young
Skateboarder: Wesley Cooper Jones
Skateboarder: Murray Maclean
Party: Karl Dorman
Party: Marion Adraste
Party: Remi Savage
Party: Samuel Coady
Party: Sean Thomas Ryan
Party: Holly Edwards
Party: Cameron Sparkes
Party: Murray Maclean
Party: Lucas McGrath
Party: Katherine Hampton
Party: Javier Alejandro Coca
Party: Ben Fitzgerald
Party: Isabella Kerstens
Party: Reece Beuzeville

THANKS: Tessa de Josselin, Ben Fitzgerald, Froth, Imogene Barron, Felicity Harold, Trent Evans, Katherine Hampton, Lucas, McGrath, Bella & Reece, Felicity Byrne, Christina Bou


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