A beautifully shot video for Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s track “Bombo Fabrika.” Co-directed by Santiago Carrasquilla and Carrasquilla’s childhood friend, Guillermo Camacho, who introduced them to San Basilio de Palenque. A small town in the northern part of Colombia, Palenque is known for its strong African heritage and influence on Cumbia music, as Carrasquilla describes:

“Palenque and its people are magical. We hope the video contains some of that magic. The joyful spirit of the people, the warmth in their demeanor, the constant stream of music playing in every corner of the town, the pride with which they display their African roots, the gorgeous nature surrounding the town, the unbelievable array of color and their impeccable style…are just some of of the things that melt together to form a place unlike any other.” 

T-shirts inspired by their time in Palenque are available on Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s web store. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to music programs in Palenque.


Made at ART CAMP
Directed by Santiago Carrasquilla
Co-Directed by Guillermo Camacho
Cinematography by Oliver Lanzenberg
Produced by Jos Diaz Contreras
Co-Produced by Guillermo Camacho
Editorial by ART CAMP
Color by Irving Harvey

Featuring Kombilesa Mi, Estrellas del Caribe, Escuela de danzas Oriki Tabalá, Angelo, Maluquito, Luis polo, Lindo, Orlis, Ali, José, Andris, Jesús, Ferneys, Sandi, Ronaldinho, Anyelo, Yeiner, Nicolás, Jeferson, Tuberlu Azul, Juan, Julio, Leonel Torres, Jairo, Luceylis, Ronald, Henrry, Kendry, Carlos Andrés, Julio César, Cassiani, Viceiner and José Luis



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