Great editing and cinematography in this poetic short by directors/photographers Damien Krisl and Ronan Gali.


Directed by Damien Krisl & Ronan Gali
Featuring – Lorena Rae (Promod Model Agency)
DOP – Guillaume Adrey (Kinou Conseil)
DOP High-Speed – Selim Zouaoui
1st AC – Bernard Jallet
2nd AC – Matthieu Blanchais
Stylist – Melanie Perego
Makeup-Artist – Christina Lutz (B-Agency)
2nd Makeup-Artist – Claire Plekhoff
Hair-Stylist – Audrey Lambert (B-Agency)
2nd Hair-Stylist – Kelly Peach
Models – Amandine Elina, Amandine Choquet
Set-Designer – Sylvain Cabouat
Music Composer – Augustin Charnet
Sound Design – Christian Schlumpf
Produced by Cadence Films


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