Alt-R&B singer-songwriter Oyinda teams up with creative duo Tikul and mi$ gogo (aka Pussykrew) to create an elaborate sci-fi visualization for “Serpentine.” Coinciding with the track’s exploration of the different sides of human experience, the video moves from a slick real-world setting to an entirely fabricated virtual reality. As Oyinda describes her vision for the project:

“Whilst writing ‘Serpentine’ I was studying hypnosis, specifically instances where patients wind up referring to themselves in the third person; they see themselves outside their own sensory systems. When I developed the initial concept for the video I wanted to expand this phenomenon, and create a piece with layered transformations –not just a shift to colour, but a shift in reality. I wanted to push the visuals beyond my own capabilities, so collaborating with Pussykrew was key. In the end the video follows the venom.”

The collaboration is a natural fit for Pussykrew whose previous work for artists like Cadenza and Sevdaliza consistently offer up something out of the ordinary:

“We were trying to construct a visual experience outside of the standard music video language. Together, we’ve created a visual piece based on the mood of the track and our imaginary virtual space. There is a certain primeval energy meshed with the present; unreal biotech-like nature and morphing abstract shapes. Some elements feel familiar, yet very alien. The video’s visuals exists in-between a virtual passage. We scanned Oyinda and recorded her movement via small motion capture to create an ‘avatar’ body, a digital character that contains all of her features. We then built several environments around her. When we work with an artist we like to get to know them, and hear their story. It’s always amazing to generate ideas within the creative chemistry we build together as this serves as a great base for the entire visual concept. We have shared common inspirations in film, anime, photography, creative design as well as thoughts on the current political climate, global moods, our personal actions, fears, and hopes.”



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