1. American Anarchist

The man who authored The Anarchist Cookbook when he was just 19 years old reflects on the decades of violence and anti-government attacks his work inspired. Watch the intense trailer above and check out the rest of our best picks of the week below!


2. Imperial Dreams

John Boyega (Attack the Block, The Force Awakens) stars as a young father struggling to survive in the projects of Los Angeles and provide a better life for his son.


3. When the Street Lights Go On

Set in the summer of 1983, When the Street Lights Go On follows a boy who discovers a young girl and a teacher murdered in the woods.


4. Contemporary Color

Legendary musician David Byrne recruits an eclectic lineup of performers to collaborate with 10 color guard teams for a one-of-a-kind concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


5. 1:54

The feature-length debut of French Canadian filmmaker Yan England who received an Oscar nomination for his short film “Henry” back in 2012.


6. American Fable

An 11 year-old girl loses herself in a world of make believe as her father tries desperately to save their family farm.


7. Devoted

The teaser for Lucas Beaufort’s upcoming documentary gives voice to those who believe print magazines still have a place, even in our digital age.


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