1. Kuso (NSFW)

The first feature-length film by Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison) is causing people to walk out of theatres at Sundance and been described by The Verge as “the grossest movie ever made.” Of course, none of this is exactly surprising if you’ve seen the trailer. Watch above and check out the rest of our Best Trailer picks below!


2. The Discovery

A sci-fi romance starring Rooney Mara and Jason Segel, The Discovery plays out the grim reality of what would happen is there was ever definitive proof of life after death.


3. The Wizard of Lies

Robert De Niro stars as businessman Bernard Madoff (with Michelle Pfeiffer playing his wife Ruth Madoff) in the HBO drama based on Diana B. Henriques’ non-fiction book The Wizard of Lies.


4. Catfight

Written and directed by Onur Tukel, Catfight follows two former college friends caught up in a violent, years-long rivalry.


5. Brimstone

Guy Pearce looks terrifying as a vengeful preacher in Dutch writer and filmmaker Martin Koolhoven’s first English-language film.


6. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

A nursing assistant finds a new vigilante-style sense of purpose after her home is burglarized. Written and directed by Macon Blair, with cinematography by Larkin Seiple (Swiss Army Man)


7. Missy Elliot

A teaser for the upcoming documentary on Missy Elliot. Be sure and check out her latest video here if you haven’t already!



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