1. Reset

Filmmakers Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai follow Black Swan choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied as his takes on his new role as director of the Paris Opera Ballet. Check out the gorgeous trailer above and the rest of our Best Trailer picks below!


2. The Wall

An intense trailer for Doug Liman’s The Wall, which kinda looks like that great sniper scene from Hurt Locker made into a full-length movie.


3. The OA

Brit Marling returns to the kind of character-driven science fiction that marked her breakout film Another Earth. Excited to see what Marling can do with an eight-episode series! “The OA” starts streaming on Netflix this Friday.


4. My Father Die

Crazy trailer for the Southern gothic revenge film that’s been generating buzz after its SXSW premiere. My Father Die is written and directed by newcomer Sean Brosnan, son of Pierce Brosnan (who produced the film).


5. Lady MacBeth

Another impressive debut feature. William Oldroyd’s adaptation of Nikolai Leskov’s novel follows the arranged marriage of a young bride in nineteenth-century rural England. The title is, of course, a reference to the murderous machinations of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s famous play and probably gives you a good sense of the kind of drama that unfolds.


6. Dunkirk

The first full trailer for the highly anticipated war film Dunkirk, written and directed by Christopher Nolan.


7. Evolution

A spooky trailer for French director Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s latest film. “Evolution” tells the story a young boy obsessed with starfish and his mysterious sea-side town where the only residents are woman and boys.



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