Love this short – some definite Ferris Bueller vibes here (also reminded us of Submarine)! Directed by David Shane, and co-written by frequent collaborator Scott Organ, “The Board” perfectly captures the nostalgia and awkwardness of phone calls with high school crushes.

Organ tells us, “We were working on a feature script and decided to take a brief mental sabbatical, but we wanted to keep writing so we decided on another short. David mentioned that in high school he filled post-it notes with “material” to help a potential encounter with a girl. When he told me this, I asked him what it was like to talk to girls, as I still haven’t done that. After that eye-opening conversation, we decided to riff on his admittedly idiotic technique for The Board, which is about a high school kid in the 80s who comes up with the ultimate system for success for calling his crush.”

If this is the first you’re hearing of David Shane or Scott Organ, we highly recommend watching “The One”. Can’t wait for them to make a feature!

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