I want to use this space to acknowledge the senseless murder of George Floyd and stand with everyone demanding justice, and peacefully protesting police brutality and systemic racism. We're putting everything on pause for the day. I realise this action alone will not bring about any substantial change so if you have any ideas about how best to use this platform to be an ally during this time, please email me directly: [email protected]

You can seek justice for George Floyd by signing any of these petitions:
Color of Change
We Can't Breathe

“Frozen Soap Bubbles” by Paul Zaluska - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

Polish photographer and filmmaker Paul Zaluska’s captures soap bubbles freezing at -15 degrees celsius. Adorably inspired by his 3 year old daughter, who needed some convincing when it came to putting on her jacket.

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