A lovely exploration of grief from director Kevin Slack, actress Meredith Adelaide and cinematographer Blaine Dunkley. Sparked by a casual Friday meetup over milkshakes, “Week One” is the direct result of what became an increasingly intimate discussion about art and their shared desire to create freely and without outside pressure. By Sunday they were shooting the film with a skeleton crew of generous friends, no money or full-fledged script — a loose and organic production entirely fitting for the subject matter. As they state:

“There is something beautiful and terrifying about the way grief shows up for each of us. How we can’t prepare for it and how unpredictable it is. How it encompasses us in isolation, and how it will wait, patiently, until we face it… This is a film for anyone who has ever lost someone close to them… or who will… so of course it’s a film for all of us.”

Check out “Week One” above. Full credits and some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Meredith Adelaide
Britt Harris (voice)
Keith Slack (voice)

Directed & Edited by Kevin Slack
Written & Produced by Meredith Adelaide, Blaine Dunkley & Kevin Slack
Director of Photography: Blaine Dunkley
Colorist: Ryan McNeal
Original Music: Tristan de Liege
Sound Design & Mix: Marc Mellens
Production Sound Mixer: Jeramy Parker






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