2018 Booooooom TV Awards

Booooooom TV exists to champion emerging filmmakers and curate the most inspiring video content released online. Over the past couple years we’ve published nearly 3,500 articles and our Vimeo Channel has become one of the largest on the platform, with 160,000 subscribers. We’re thrilled that so many filmmakers and film lovers are watching the things we pick and we want to take this opportunity to applaud some of the truly exceptional work created this year. We’re beyond excited to announce the 2018 Booooooom TV Awards!

There will be 5 Award categories with 1 Winner and 3 Honourable Mentions in each category: MUSIC VIDEO, ANIMATION, SHORT FILM, DOCUMENTARY, and BRANDED CONTENT. If you submitted any work to us this year, it is already under consideration for an award! But if you have other work that you want to be considered, make sure to submit it below.

See the winners of the 2017 Booooooom TV Awards here.



• Any work that was submitted to us through our submission form this year will be automatically placed in a category for Award consideration — we are not asking you to re-submit any work.

• You may submit any work released in 2018. If the submitted work is more than 2 months old it will be considered for the Award, it just won’t be considered for a new feature on the site. Work created less than 2 months ago should still be submitted through our regular submit form.

• Each category will have 1 Winner and 3 Honourable Mentions.

• Winners will be interviewed and have their own feature article on Booooooom TV.

• Winners and Honourable Mentions will be showcased on the 2018 Award page.

• Winners and Honourable Mentions will be announced on, promoted across our social channels and included in our email newsletter.

• Winners and Honourable Mentions will be added to our Vimeo Channel (if they haven’t been already) with the option to also upload to our Booooooom Youtube Channel.

• For the Branded Content category award, please use this form.



• We are accepting entries from December 10, 2018 – January 15, 2019

• Winners will be announced on January 29, 2019.



• There is a $10 entry fee per submission per category. This fee goes towards the hours it takes our team to review and discuss the submissions, and ultimately helps us keep this site running.





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