If you’ve created an exceptional Short Film, Animation, or Music Video we’d love to see it! All selected work will receive a feature article, be added to our Vimeo Channel (193k followers) or our Youtube Channel (70k followers), and promoted on our Twitter (82k followers). Before you submit, please take a look at the kind of work we feature and read all the text below!

We’re very selective about what we feature but even more critical when it comes to mature content, documentaries, and horror. We do not accept branded content submissions on this page. To submit videos which promote or are supported by brand names/logos please use this separate form.


• The submission fee does not guarantee your work will be featured and is non-refundable.

• Whether or not your work is featured, selecting the feedback option is the only way to get feedback.

• Please do not submit work released online more than 2 months ago.

• When you submit your video it will be added to a queue and reviewed by our team within 5 business days (8 business days if you select feedback).


The form below is for credit card payments. If you want to pay via Paypal, use the form here.

If you want to pay via Paypal, use the form here.

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