A wonderfully stripped-down story of familial love and responsibility by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Mackie Mallison. “How We’re Gonna Make it Through Till the Morning Sun” follows a young woman named Maricela who works tirelessly to keep her younger brother, Ezequiel, awake throughout the night — fearing what will come once he falls asleep. Made with a budget of just $100, Mallison describes the project in terms of his own personal experience:

“I grew up with a ten-year age gap between me and my younger brother. We never had a banter-type relationship like the ones I’d see my friends and their siblings had, it was more like a parental relationship. We would find each other, connect with each other in order to distract ourselves from things that were happening at home. And he couldn’t speak, he was a baby, so, without words. So life became a game of distractions and that is what this film is. It’s specific to these siblings — Maricela and Ezequiel — but is universal to all of us who have lived through these sibling-parental situations by circumstance. We find our ways to make it till the morning sun.”


Lukas Quintero
Micha Rodriguez
Janira Campos-Puleo

Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by Mackie Mallison

Production Crew:
Anahita Amirshahi
Nicole Majewski
Nande Walters
Karla Carreno
Aaron Buckley
Mavet Arellano

Makeup: Autumn Sharrar
VFX: Nicholas Renaudeau
Original Score: Blu Midyett


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